The Quest for the Golden Hop

Legend tells of a mysterious Golden Hop with the power to give whoever finds it happiness in the form of Kräftig Gear. Many brave souls have searched far and wide, only to return empty-handed. The Golden Hop has remained elusive… until now.

Golden Hop PackagingWho are we kidding? There is no legend. But there totally should be. In fact, they should make a movie about it. Have Jon Hamm narrate the thing.

There may be no legend, but there are Golden Hops. And they are out there – hidden in 12- and 30-pack cans of Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light – just waiting for some courageous adventurers to find them. And we weren’t kidding about the Kräftig Gear either. If you find a Golden Hop sticker, take a photo with it and show it off with pride like that big buck you got last year. Share it on @EnjoyKraftig social media and we’ll send you an awesome shirt or something of equal awesomeness. Act quickly, though – you only have until July 31st to wrangle yourself a Hop!

Now, if you choose to live off the grid and don’t do that whole social media thing, then you’re probably not reading this right now. But in the off chance that you are and you’d like to join the quest for the Golden Hop without posting anything (or even buying anything, for that matter), head on over to our Golden Hop page to enter the sweepstakes. In fact, everyone should head on over to the Golden Hop page for the official rules. Because, you know, we’re official like that.

Saddle up for an adventure, Kräftig Lovers. And good luck on your quest!