Kräftig’s Guide to Outdoor Summer Drinking

Hey, it’s been a hot summer – hotter than a habanero in Hell (in other words: pretty damn hot) – so we understand if you haven’t gone outside all that much. But come on, it’s summer. The sun’s out. You should be too. Slather on some sunscreen if you’re really worried about things. Carry around one of those handheld fans like a dad at a theme park if it’ll make you feel better. Or you could just grab a can of Kräftig and let the good times roll. The lager’s refreshing and you can even use the can as an ice pack if you start to feel faint. It’s a win-win.

Of course, not all outdoor spaces are equal when drinking is involved. So, here’s some of our favorite places to drink Kräftig outside on a summer night (or afternoon… or morning if you’re into that):

Preferably if there’s a sofa. And a fan. Maybe a TV. Basically, the closer the deck is to a traditional living room, the better. You get all the comforts of indoor living with the additional perk of being able to tell people you’re outside and that you are, in fact, not hibernating for the summer. It’s like drinking on your couch… only no AC.

Grab one of those float toys (a giant inflatable alligator or something), fill a floating ice chest with some Kräftig, and just lounge around in a pool all day. If it’s a community pool, make sure the HOA is okay with that sort of thing. You know, be smart about it. If it’s a friend’s pool, you should probably ask first, and promise them you won’t skinny dip.

No, we’re not talking about your buddy’s patio with the weird paver pattern he did himself. We’re talking about bar and grill patios. Think about it… a nice summer evening out with friends, live music, good food, and Kräftig. Doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and if you’re looking for a great place to go, you can’t go wrong with Hammerstone’s.

Picnics are pretty awesome, especially if beer is involved. Luckily, many of St. Louis’ public parks allow alcohol on the premises*, so find yourself a picnic basket and one of those plaid blankets, pack up some lunches and a case of Kräftig, and get to a park, pronto. After you eat, play with a flying disc, climb a tree, do whatever it is people generally do in parks.

Float trips are perfect for drinking beer and getting an awkward sunburn no matter how much sunscreen you put on or what kind of hat you wear. So, if you don’t mind the risk of getting redder than a kid when he calls his teacher “Mom,” then get your hands on a raft or a canoe and float down a river. It’s a good way to enjoy nature. And Kräftig.

If you’ve already done all that, then go to a lake, a golf course, an athletic club, or even just your backyard. The point is, get outside. Enjoy the summer while it lasts. And, if you ever get too hot, cool down with a nice, cold Kräftig.

*A disclaimer, to make lawyers happy: please read all of the park rules before bringing alcohol onto the premises. Better safe than sorry.