Kräftig Makes Playoff Hockey Better

Alright, St. Louis hockey fans, it’s finally our time. We’re in May and there’s still hockey to be played. This is the first time in a long while our city is looking forward to bringing home something named Stan – and it has nothing to do with California. That leads us to believe you’re all ready to fill your Cups to enjoy every single minute of the action. All you need now, is the Kräftig. So before our next game, read how Kräftig makes playoff hockey better.

Pregame During the Pregame

When drinking before the game, how early is too early? Well, the pregame sounds like a pretty damn good time to pregame. Pass around the bottles of Kräftig you’ve been saving for a special occasion and break out the chips and dip. It’s time to get your game face on.

Drink Every Time When…

Positive things are said about our opponent. If you’ve been watching the game on TV then you know what we’re talking about. Another option is to get the referees involved. Is one of them constantly in the way of players or the puck? Instead of exploding with rage of how blind they are, cheer and chug.

Cook with Our Beer

If you’re not that into watching hockey, there’s still a way for you to contribute at home. Cook with our beer! Since everyone else is sitting in front of the TV, the kitchen is yours for the taking. Our recommendation has to be beer and brats nachos. Did you just read that right? Hell yeah, you did. And even better, this dish is nowhere near stadium pricing.

Do It Yourself Cornhole

Maybe you’re the type who would rather listen to hockey than watch it. That’s more than ok! Keep yourself busy by crushing up your empties and making your own game of cornhole. You bought the beer and the radio is providing the entertainment, so why spend money on something you can make yourself?

Play Gloria!

If we take the next game, lift a beer to the heavens and rejoice as you crank up “Gloria” for as long as you want. There’s no stopping our fans from celebrating this close to the end. It’s amazing how playing “Gloria” and drinking a Kräftig after a win just feels so right. 

Don’t forget to restock for the next game! Kräftig is proud to serve the finest beer during this historic playoff run. How are you celebrating? Show us on social media using #KraftigCup.