The Ultimate Kräftig Light and MOD Pizza Matchup for Pi Day

How often do you associate March with beer? Of course, you have your “drinking holidays” like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day, but what about Pi Day? That’s right – we’re talking about pizza and beer instead of 3.141592 whatever. March 14 is right around the corner and this time around, we’re highlighting MOD Pizza in St. Louis where you can customize your own pizza and wash it down with a cold, refreshing Kräftig Light.

The Brewmaster’s Combo

Brewmaster Marc Gottfried has recently become “famous” for his Kräftig creations – including the Bloody Mary Lager. Now, he’d like to walk you through his MOD Pizza process for the ultimate Kräftig Light and MOD Pizza matchup!

Step 1: Sauce it Up

Keep it old school here and go with the red sauce. Strong flavors like the garlic rub or pesto will overpower the refreshing character of Kräftig Light.

Step 2: Just Add Cheese

Asiago! You’ll get a unique artisan character that you won’t find in a mild mannered mozzarella. Wine and cheese? Heck no, BEER and cheese is where it’s at!

Step 3: Eat Your Veggies

Lay the groundwork with produce like Greek olives, green bell peppers, and mushrooms. Kräftig Light is crisp and slightly sweet, kind of like a fresh summer salad with some fruit.

Step 4: Meat Your Maker

Grilled chicken and mild sausage are my picks here. We are still keeping the flavors light, but just wait for the finishing touch.

Step 5: Finish It!

BALSAMIC FIG GLAZE. BOOM. This will tie it all together with the zing of balsamic and the sweetness of figs. That hint of sugar will pull out the malty character in Kräftig Light and complete the pairing!

Get out your calculator and do the math. Pizza + Kräftig = Awesomeness. If you haven’t been to MOD Pizza in St. Louis, you really should check it out. Pay one price and select from a myriad of options. Don’t forget to share your own creation paired with our brew @EnjoyKraftig using #KraftigPiDay.