Kräftig How-To: Throwing a Kickass Party

Alright, let’s make this short and sweet. With Cinco de Mayo celebrations coming and going, we’re all thinking about the parties we want to crash. However, we think you should let others crash your party this year. We’ll even provide the refreshments – by keeping it stocked with our local beer vendors. Not sure where to get started? Read on and let your friends at Kräftig teach you how to throw a party.

Buy the Beer

If you want to party with Kräftig the right way, then you need to be the one who buys the beer. Collect the money however you want. Then, go to the store yourself to make sure they don’t get the wrong beer. BYOB has its own perks like saving money, but free beer draws a crowd. If you buy it, they will come.

Have a Theme

The 5th of May isn’t the only time you can give your party a Mexican-inspired theme. Break out the green, white, and red to incorporate Mexico’s flag into your wardrobe or decorations (we’re especially fond of the green). And don’t forget the music. Find a good mariachi band to perform or just hand out maracas. Who knows – your friends might sound better after you’ve had a couple.

Invite the Crew

When you’re thinking about invitations, get creative. Why not make your own video and post it on social media? Keep your theme in mind and give your guests a little preview of what’s to come. You can still send that boring email that has all the “important” details people need to make it to your party. If you do it right, your friends will invite their friends. That’s how you get a real party going.

Use Ice Breakers

Ice breakers can be intimidating in certain situations, but not for your party. No one should leave without having a chance to get to know someone else. Here’s a Kräftig example: Any time one of your guests sees another guest without a drink in their hands, they have to give them a Kräftig. Then they have to introduce themselves and boom – instant human connection.

Play Drinking Games

Early drinking games date back to when beer was originally brewed. As far as we know, immediately after the first beer was created – an elongated table of sorts was set up with 10 bowls of beer on each side. Using stones to throw back and forth into each other’s bowls, our ancestors would develop what we call “Beer Pong” today. Now, that may not be accurate but the point is to get a game of beer pong going at your party! It’ll add an element of fun and help lighten the mood.

So what’ll it be? Are you planning to crash someone else’s party or are you going to throw one of your own? Either way, as long as you’re drinking an ice-cold Kräftig, you’re in for a damn good time.