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The Ultimate Kräftig Light and MOD Pizza Matchup for Pi Day

How often do you associate March with beer? Of course, you have your “drinking holidays” like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day, but what about Pi Day? That’s right – we’re talking about pizza and beer instead of 3.141592 whatever. March 14 is right around the corner and this time around, we’re highlighting MOD Pizza in St. Louis where you can customize your own pizza and wash it down with a cold, refreshing Kräftig Light.

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Where to Drink a Kräftig in St. Charles County

Move over, folks – there’s a new brewery coming to St. Charles County. That’s right, we’re going to be brewing in your backyard. Not literally, but pretty damn close because Kräftig will soon have operations in Defiance, MO. If you’re from St. Chuck, you don’t have to wait on us to build. Here’s where you can drink a Kräftig in St. Charles County.

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6 February Happenings in St. Louis

Here’s the deal – You don’t need a special occasion to drink Kräftig. You can drink one whenever you want and we’re not going to stop you. But we understand that you celebrate special occasions and don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to share a beer in public. Read on for a list of 6 damn-good February happenings in St. Louis you can attend.
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4 Reasons Why Kräftig is a Girl’s Best Friend

Valentine's Day Kräftig

Listen up. It’s time to tell you a little secret about the lady in your life before Valentine’s Day. She’s been hinting at it for a while, but you’re too afraid of making a big commitment. She wants your beer. See how her eyes light up every time you crack open a Kräftig? It’s time to quit dragging your feet and start figuring out why Kräftig is a girl’s best friend.

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Kräftig Cocktails: Bloody Mary Lager

Even though we’ve never been advocates of mixing beer with anything else, there are ways to have your cocktail and drink your Kräftig, too. Think about it like this – you’re an aspiring painter during the Renaissance and your mentor, Leonardo da Vinci, sticks his paintbrush in your beer. Obviously, paint doesn’t go with your local brew, but it’s da Vinci. Maybe the guy’s onto something here?

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Watch a Polo Match, Help Kids – It’s as Simple as That

Horse races are exciting and all, but let’s face it: they’re over quicker than you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Why yes, that is the longest word in the English dictionary. No, we’re not going to tell you what it means. Look it up. The point is, if you blink, you’ll likely miss a horse race. A polo match, though… now that’s what we call equestrian entertainment.
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Now You See Us, Now You… Still See Us Even Though We’re in Camo

Remember when you went to pick up your date on prom night? You know, that time when The Father greeted you at the door – decked out in camouflage and sharpening a skinning knife while reminding you about curfew. Okay, maybe that was just us, but still. Point is… camo is pretty badass. Sure, it comes in handy when you’re out on a hunt, but it also just looks cool. Which got us thinking: Why should we be the only ones looking cool in camo? Why can’t our beer rock it too? So, we decided to do something about that. Introducing: Kräftig’s limited-edition camo beer cans and packaging. Continue reading

This Year’s Beer Competition Season (So Far!)

We like heavy metal. And we’re not talking about that music with the double bass and the piercing vocals and the propensity to cause massive headaches. No, we’re talking about the heavy metals of chemistry. Because we’re nerds like that – especially Brewmaster Marc Gottfried. But nerds are in right now, so it’s all cool. Speaking of cool and heavy metal, we won what basically amounts to a stein full of medals this beer competition season, which is pretty cool if you ask us. Continue reading