Kräftig: The Home Opener Home Run

Baseball season in St. Louis is kind of a big deal. And the first home game of the year is basically a holiday. Or it should be, at least. Seriously, is there a petition we could sign to make that a thing? Anyway, the city is home to the best fans in baseball rooting for the best team in the league. Naturally, that means Thursday’s Home Opener is going to be legendary – especially if you’re drinking the best (and only) Real American Lager in town.

Catch some pregame or postgame drinks with the Kräftig team at one of these fine downtown establishments:

If you’ve never been to Kilroy’s on game day, then what have you even been doing with your life? With 4 big screen TVs – each one devoted to the game – and live music after the last pitch, this place is truly something special. Speaking of specials, you can grab a 24 oz. can of Kräftig for only $7 on Thursday.

Start Bar
Because the pros shouldn’t be the only ones playing games. Show off your own mad gaming skills at Start Bar. With plenty of great food and delicious drinks, and only one block away from the stadium’s third base entrance, this place is rather perfect for some all-day fun. Oh, and be sure to take advantage of their Home Opener Special: 24 oz. Kräftig cans for $5.

A little-known St. Louis fact… we actually have five seasons: the regular four and the greatest of all – baseball season. Celebrate the start of the best days of the year with good company and a cold Kräftig in hand.