4 Reasons Why Kräftig is a Girl’s Best Friend

Valentine's Day Kräftig

Listen up. It’s time to tell you a little secret about the lady in your life before Valentine’s Day. She’s been hinting at it for a while, but you’re too afraid of making a big commitment. She wants your beer. See how her eyes light up every time you crack open a Kräftig? It’s time to quit dragging your feet and start figuring out why Kräftig is a girl’s best friend.

An Emotional Support System

Let’s face it, the two of you aren’t attached at the hip. Your public display of affection rituals may beg to differ, but eventually you have to let go. It’s okay. Kräftig can be there to hold her hand while you’re gone. You just have to make sure the fridge is stocked.

Always Reliable

Hey, sometimes life happens. Work runs late, you’re out on a business trip, or the seasonal flu knocks you down like a seasoned linebacker. We get it. But when you’re out for whatever reason, she’s got Kräftig to fall back on. And she can trust that her beer will taste the same every time she drinks it.

Accepts Her

Everyone has that one friend who secretly judges. Those people are not her best friend. Kräftig doesn’t judge. It doesn’t matter if she has a penchant for cheesy 90s movies or if she’s an avid baseball fan. Kräftig will always accept who she is on the inside.

Brings the Party

Kräftig brings her together with her friends, whether it’s out at a restaurant, bar or just at home. Invite all of the friends you’ve made together and enjoy the company that a good beer provides.

Here’s the obvious answer – Kräftig has a delicious taste. After drinking your beer with four simple ingredients, including hops, barley, yeast and water, she’ll know she fell in love with you for a reason. Then make sure to give her a diamond before she forgets.