Get Lucky by Finding Kräftig This St. Patrick’s Day

We like holidays – especially if beer is involved. Wait, we mean especially if friends and family are involved… they’re the best drinking buddies. Anyway, one of our favorite beer-centric holidays is St. Patrick’s Day, because who doesn’t like wearing green and pinching people*? We would say that we wish every day were St. Paddy’s Day, but then there would be no end to those awful, fake Irish accents. It’s a blessing and a curse, after all.

Even though St. Louis is a few thousand miles from the Emerald Isle, we still know how to party like an Irishman who found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So, between conversations about the legitimacy of leprechauns and whether or not your ginger friends have souls (spoiler alert: they do), grab a cold pint of Kräftig and let your wild Irish side loose.

Sure, we don’t dye any rivers green here – we’re not that gimmicky – but St. Louis has plenty of pubs where you can spend your green on delectable Irish food to enjoy alongside a Kräftig or two. Our team will be hosting samplings all day long, so be sure to stop by any, some, or all of these fine establishments and have a very happy St. Paddy’s Day with Kräftig:

We hope to see you out there this St. Patrick’s Day! And as the Irish say, may the wind always be at your back and may Kräftig always be in your mug. Eh, close enough, right?

*Please only pinch people you know. Kräftig isn’t responsible for any black eyes you might incur. If you do get a shiner, though, we’ve got a beer ice pack that might help.