How to Drink Kräftig with Your Dad on Father’s Day

Dads get a bad rap sometimes. Sure, your old man once conned you into going on a snipe hunt or asking the kind gentleman at the auto shop for blinker fluid, but let’s face it… you wouldn’t be who you are today without his antics. He was just teaching you invaluable life lessons from a place of love and fatherly wisdom. You should thank him, really. Buy the guy some beer. He deserves it.

This Father’s Day, show your dad just how much you appreciate him. Grab a case of Kräftig and spend some time bonding with one of these classic activities:

Go Fishing – If your dad ever used fishing as a metaphor for something important in life, chances are he’ll enjoy a nice fishing trip with his posterity (that means you). Take some time to bring things to the surface with your Pops. Reminisce for a bit while drinking a beer and waiting for some poor sucker to swallow a line.

Go Golfing – There’s a magical place where your dad goes to wear colorful clothes and use colorful language. Share in that magic with him. Nothing can bring you two closer in quite the same way as whacking some balls and waxing poetic on a golf course. Take a swig, take a swing, and repeat for 18 holes. Or you can just watch Caddyshack on the couch and call it a day.

Go Camping – Nature called. It wants you and your dad to swap scary stories over a campfire. Oh, and we’re not talking about those stories of ghosts and serial killers that haunted the dreams of your youth. No, we’re talking about the stuff your father never shared before because your mom wouldn’t let him. You still have a lot to learn from the man.

Go to a Game – Why do something that requires a certain level of physicality when you can just watch people do sporting things instead? Grab some peanuts and Kräftig at a baseball game and remind your dad about that time he almost broke your nose because he threw the ball when you weren’t looking. Actually, don’t mention that. It’s Father’s Day after all. Let go of that grudge and just enjoy the game with the guy.

Go to a Bar – Seriously. Just take Pops to your favorite watering hole, buy him some beer, and talk about life. We’re sorry for getting sappy on you, but at the end of the day, your dad won’t care what you two do together. All he’ll care about is that you made the effort to spend time with him.

Of course, your dad will also care about what beer you buy him. So, be sure to bring him the good stuff this Father’s Day, which means buying plenty of Kräftig for the both of you.