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Now You See Us, Now You… Still See Us Even Though We’re in Camo

Remember when you went to pick up your date on prom night? You know, that time when The Father greeted you at the door – decked out in camouflage and sharpening a skinning knife while reminding you about curfew. Okay, maybe that was just us, but still. Point is… camo is pretty badass. Sure, it comes in handy when you’re out on a hunt, but it also just looks cool. Which got us thinking: Why should we be the only ones looking cool in camo? Why can’t our beer rock it too? So, we decided to do something about that. Introducing: Kräftig’s limited-edition camo beer cans and packaging. Continue reading

Remembering Bud

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Bud the elephant – a dear friend of Billy Busch and his family. Billy’s father, Gussie Busch, brought African elephants Bud and his companion, Mickey, to Grant’s Farm in 1986 when they were just two years old. Through years of training and performing together, Bud and Billy forged a meaningful friendship. The bond between the two was exceptionally strong, with Bud even making an appearance at Billy’s wedding. The friendship soon extended to Billy’s wife and children as well. Even in recent years, Bud always remembered Billy when he visited and would greet him at the gate every time. After closing on Grant’s Farm in December, Billy shared a long embrace with Bud, telling him goodbye and wishing him well. The moment marked the end of an era, much like Bud’s passing. He will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Busch family and we hope his spirit will live on through everyone who loved him.

Kräftig Light Launches New Ad Campaign Focusing on German Brewing Process, Reinheitsgebot

Campaign Uses a Comedic Approach and Marks William K Busch Brewing Company’s First Endeavor in the Television Advertising Space

ST. LOUIS – April 2, 2013 – St. Louis residents can attest to the fact that you don’t have to speak German to enjoy German beer. This simple idea led to the creation of a newly integrated advertising campaign for the William K Busch Brewing Company launching in St. Louis this week. The campaign features the company’s Kräftig Light brand and includes updates to the Krä website, new billboards, radio and the company’s first television commercials.

The off-beat humor of the “purity brewed campaign” is targeted at the light beer drinking consumer and celebrates the brand’s authentic German roots with a distinct, new American attitude. The bold, fresh product imagery in the ads was shot in a hyper clean, white environment to reinforce the backbone of the brand message of “purity brewed American beer”.

“Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light were created as a testament to St. Louis’ respect for the way Germans brew their beer,” said William K. Busch, president and chief executive officer. “Giving a nod to my German heritage, our products were given a German name and are brewed under the well-respected German beer purity law, Reinheitsgebot.”

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William K Busch Brewing Company Celebrates Strong First Year

Company’s Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light Uniquely Brewed Under German Purity Law, Reinheitsgebot

ST. LOUIS – Nov. 14, 2012 – William K Busch Brewing Company celebrates its first anniversary this month with strong momentum as its Kräftig Light brand becomes the fastest growing premium light beer in the market, and company growth is estimated to have achieved one percent of the St. Louis market in just 12 months.

“My goal one year ago was to start a company that would keep the Busch family brewing legacy alive in St. Louis,” said William K. Busch, president and chief executive officer. “My family worked hard for 150 years to build and grow in this community and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

What sets Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light apart from other brands in the industry is Reinheitsgebot (RHINE-heights-geh-boat), the German Beer Purity Law that is a tradition older than America. Created 500 years ago, Reinheitsgebot is the oldest consumer protection law in the world. Reinheitsgebot requires that only four ingredients be used when brewing beer – water, barley, yeast and hops, and it’s the way that William K Busch Brewing Company brews its beers to ensure pure flavor.

The Reinheitsgebot Purity Law is why Kräftig Lager and Kräftig Light have already won three prestigious industry awards in their first year – a Gold Medal in the American Light Category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, a People’s Choice Award at the Missouri Brewfest, and a Bronze Medal in American Lager Category at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition.

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Kräftig Light Rules the Airwaves

Kräftig Light has launched an extensive radio campaign. All summer long, spots will air on top contemporary adult stations in St. Louis and Springfield, IL. The spots feature Billy Busch, and highlight what makes the beer so unique, including using only four ingredients following Reinheitsgebot, the centuries-old German Beer Purity Law. CLICK to hear samples.

New Billboards. New Message.

They’re all over town, on both sides of the river, but if you haven’t seen one of our new billboards yet, here’s a sample. The message–PURE FLAVOR–is a nod to what makes Kräftig Light so unique. It’s brewed following Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law, using only four ingredients: pure water, malted barley, yeast and hops. That simple approach allows more of a pure beer flavor to come through. Enjoy.