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Can You Summer Like Kräftig?

Kräftig is more than just a damn good beer – it’s a symbol for having a damn good time, too. This summer, we need to know if you can hang with us, and the great outdoors is the perfect place to test that (as long as you check the local drinking laws). So can you summer like Kräftig? Read our blog, pack a bag, and get the cooler ready because here’s how we do summer.

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Kräftig Makes Playoff Hockey Better

Alright, St. Louis hockey fans, it’s finally our time. We’re in May and there’s still hockey to be played. This is the first time in a long while our city is looking forward to bringing home something named Stan – and it has nothing to do with California. That leads us to believe you’re all ready to fill your Cups to enjoy every single minute of the action. All you need now, is the Kräftig. So before our next game, read how Kräftig makes playoff hockey better.

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Kräftig How-To: Throwing a Kickass Party

Alright, let’s make this short and sweet. With Cinco de Mayo celebrations coming and going, we’re all thinking about the parties we want to crash. However, we think you should let others crash your party this year. We’ll even provide the refreshments – by keeping it stocked with our local beer vendors. Not sure where to get started? Read on and let your friends at Kräftig teach you how to throw a party.

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MO Fishing, Less Problems

Do you ever feel like contemplating life for hours on end? Do you enjoy the outdoors and avoiding human interaction? If so, we have a special activity for you – it’s called fishing. Did we mention you can tell everyone around you to shut it without being rude? Time to get out and give it a go. Here’s a few places where you can experience MO fishing and less problems.

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Camping Etiquette – How Not to Behave

Gather around, beer drinkers. There’s a voice calling out to you, and it’s not your mama. It’s Mother Nature. She’s also telling you to get off your lazy behind and get back outside. Why not take a weekend for a little camping excursion? Bring a friend and a few Kräftig beers. After all of the winter weather, have you forgotten how to behave in the great outdoors? Let us help. Here’s a little lesson on camping etiquette, based on how NOT to behave.

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Where to Drink a Kräftig in St. Charles County

Move over, folks – there’s a new brewery coming to St. Charles County. That’s right, we’re going to be brewing in your backyard. Not literally, but pretty damn close because Kräftig will soon have operations in Defiance, MO. If you’re from St. Chuck, you don’t have to wait on us to build. Here’s where you can drink a Kräftig in St. Charles County.

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4 Reasons Why Kräftig is a Girl’s Best Friend

Valentine's Day Kräftig

Listen up. It’s time to tell you a little secret about the lady in your life before Valentine’s Day. She’s been hinting at it for a while, but you’re too afraid of making a big commitment. She wants your beer. See how her eyes light up every time you crack open a Kräftig? It’s time to quit dragging your feet and start figuring out why Kräftig is a girl’s best friend.

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Kräftig Cocktails: Bloody Mary Lager

Even though we’ve never been advocates of mixing beer with anything else, there are ways to have your cocktail and drink your Kräftig, too. Think about it like this – you’re an aspiring painter during the Renaissance and your mentor, Leonardo da Vinci, sticks his paintbrush in your beer. Obviously, paint doesn’t go with your local brew, but it’s da Vinci. Maybe the guy’s onto something here?

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3 Best Ballpark Food Items to Pair with Kräftig

Sure, the baseball season’s well over halfway through, but there’s still a lot of ball left to play. Which means there’s still a lot of home games left to attend. Which means there’s still a lot of ballpark food left to eat (because you can’t just go to a game and not eat… that would be like taking “America” out of America’s pastime). And since everyone knows ballpark food is better with beer, it ultimately means there’s still a lot of Kräftig left to drink.

Here’s the deal, St. Louis: rooting for the home team starts with a beer in one hand and some grub in the other. So, grab a 24oz can of Kräftig Light or Kräftig Lager at one of these stadium locations:
*8th Street Market – Section 153
*Jack Daniel’s Bar – Section 142
*Broadway Market – Section 107
*Terrace Market – Section 452

and then chow down on some awesome food. Oh, and if you need help deciding what to pair with your favorite beer, here’s some of the grub we recommend for a good time:
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