Camping Etiquette – How Not to Behave

Gather around, beer drinkers. There’s a voice calling out to you, and it’s not your mama. It’s Mother Nature. She’s also telling you to get off your lazy behind and get back outside. Why not take a weekend for a little camping excursion? Bring a friend and a few Kräftig beers. After all of the winter weather, have you forgotten how to behave in the great outdoors? Let us help. Here’s a little lesson on camping etiquette, based on how NOT to behave.

Scream at the Top of Your Lungs

Is your significant other hogging the sleeping bag or did your buddy just grab the last Kräftig from the cooler? Don’t yell at them. Figure out a quieter way to get their attention – like blowing a whistle. Or by having a friendly conversation about boundaries.

Get All Up in Your Neighbor’s Space

Next, you’re really not going to want to intrude upon your fellow campers space. If they have a picnic basket sitting outside, it doesn’t give you a reason to let your natural bear instincts kick in. Stay on your own campground to avoid being rude. If they come over to your area, be the better person and try not to hide all the Kräftig.

Leave Food Out Constantly

Speaking of dinner, another big no-no is to leave food out once you’ve stuffed your face. In case you didn’t know this already, there are wild animals out there in the woods. The racoon holding a marshmallow might look cute, but it’ll be back when you’re asleep. And it will find your secret stash of bacon you were storing for breakfast.

Let the Kids Run Wild

You’ve arrived at the campsite after a five-hour drive and it’s time for the ol’ family to get out and stretch their legs. Don’t lose sight of your children, though. They’ll be off to the races trying to use all that energy you just witnessed building up in your new minivan. Establish perimeters for them so that they know how far they can go.

BYO Firewood

Would you bring your own beer to a bar? Now that would be just plain silly. So don’t bring firewood to the woods. Lace up your boots, crack open a cold one, and get everyone else to play a fun new game called, “Pick Up Stick.” All ages can play and the best part is that you get to judge who picked up the most sticks. Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing way to collect firewood?

When Nature Calls, Answer… Anywhere

A majority of sites will have restrooms on hand. Don’t be the one who gets caught with a poison ivy rash the rest of the trip because the plant with three leaves looked like one more ply than the nonpoisonous leaves.

Mother Nature knows what she’s talking about when it comes to getting outdoors. Check out Missouri State Parks ahead of time, as most campgrounds offer first-come, first-served campsites. Reservations are accepted but not at the last second.

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