3 Best Ballpark Food Items to Pair with Kräftig

Sure, the baseball season’s well over halfway through, but there’s still a lot of ball left to play. Which means there’s still a lot of home games left to attend. Which means there’s still a lot of ballpark food left to eat (because you can’t just go to a game and not eat… that would be like taking “America” out of America’s pastime). And since everyone knows ballpark food is better with beer, it ultimately means there’s still a lot of Kräftig left to drink.

Here’s the deal, St. Louis: rooting for the home team starts with a beer in one hand and some grub in the other. So, grab a 24oz can of Kräftig Light or Kräftig Lager at one of these stadium locations:
*8th Street Market – Section 153
*Jack Daniel’s Bar – Section 142
*Broadway Market – Section 107
*Terrace Market – Section 452

and then chow down on some awesome food. Oh, and if you need help deciding what to pair with your favorite beer, here’s some of the grub we recommend for a good time:

Kohn’s Knockwurst

No, this isn’t a bratwurst knockoff. It’s a traditional German knockwurst (or knackwurst if you’re really feeling the need for authenticity). This thing has two meats – beef and pork – not just one. And its spiced. It also gets bonus points for the juicy snap it makes when you bite into it.

Available in:
Kohn’s – Section 147
Kohn’s – Section 446


Why choose between a soft pretzel or a grilled bratwurst when you can have both at the same time? The bratzel is literally a bratwurst wrapped and baked in hand-rolled pretzel dough. It’s so simple yet so delicious. Basically, it’s everything you never knew you wanted and so much more.

Available in:
Red Bird Club Gourmet Nachos – Section 252
Red Bird Club Pretzelry – Section 248

Ultimate Stadium Nacho Tater Tots

Nachos are perfect. Tater tots are perfect. Put them together and they equal a whole lot of perfection. These crispy tater tots have white cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeno peppers, crumbled cojito cheese, sour cream, green onions, and you can even add chicken, beef, or pulled pork. We’re pretty sure Napoleon Dynamite would love these.

Available in:
Double Play Tap & Grill – Section 135
Crowd the Plate – Section 148
Double Play Tap & Grill – Section 358

And there you have it, baseball fans: the best ballpark food to pair with the best beer out there. Now, go enjoy some stellar baseball action at the ol’ ballgame. And be sure to enjoy some ballpark food and Real American Lager while you’re at it.